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Mitel IP Peripherals and Consoles

Mitel portfolio comprises the most comprehensive and advanced offering of IP phones, conferencing units, and PC-based attendant consoles available today.

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Mitel's newest IP peripherals, the Mitel Cordless Handset and Mitel Cordless Headset, are unique accessories that offer unprecedented convenience and corridor mobility for users of the Mitel 5330 IP Phones and Mitel 5340 IP Phones. The Cordless Handset and Cordless Headset allow the user to have personal area mobility with a potential range of up to 300 feet from their desk within their office or adjacent offices, while still communicating via their desk phone. No more missed calls when you step away from your desk for a few minutes to go to the filing cabinet or fax machine or talk to a colleague a few desks away!


Mitel Gigabit Ethernet Stand Click to view the brochure

Ideal for users with high bandwidth requirements, the Mitel Gigabit Ethernet Stand delivers the latest technology and advancements in Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for Mitel IP phones. This unique peripheral device gives all compatible Mitel IP phones the ability to migrate as the customer’s network evolves, thereby providing capital investment protection. There’s no longer any need to change out the phones for more expensive models in order to get gigabit connectivity at the desktop!


Mitel Wireless LAN Stand Click to view the brochure

The Mitel Wireless LAN (WLAN) Stand is a unique accessory that allows you to put your Mitel IP phone where it’s most convenient for you, and not be constrained to the area around your LAN or Internet connection.

The innovative design of the Wireless LAN Stand allows your wired Mitel IP phone to be converted to a wireless device so it can connect to the wireless network anywhere in your enterprise, small business or even at home.

Alternatively, the Wireless LAN stand connected to an IP phone can allow that phone to act as an access point for up to six other wireless Mitel IP Phones. You can connect a PC to the 2nd port of the Wireless IP phones to have wireless data access. Create your own wireless LAN in small installations!


Mitel IP Programmable Key Modules 12 and 48 Click to view the brochure

The 12- and 48-button Mitel IP Programmable Key Modules (PKMs) extend the capabilities of the Mitel 5224 IP Phone with additional buttons and LED indicators. With these expansion modules, you can easily add 12 or 48 or up to 96 buttons to the existing 24 buttons of the 5224 IP Phone. The IP Interface Module added to a 5224 IP Phone allows the IP PKM 12 or 48 to be easily connected to the IP phone, without the requirement for an additional LAN port.


Mitel Line Interface Module  Click to view the brochure

The Mitel® Line Interface Module is a discrete optional module that integrates into the dual mode Mitel 5224 IP Phone and provides a separate connection to an analog line, such as that included with a DSL service.


Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit Click to view the brochure

Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit provides full-duplex, advanced IP conferencing through sophisticated acoustic beam forming technology. With this new technology a microphone array focuses on the party speaking, virtually eliminating all ambient room noise and sidebar conversations. Highly intuitive to use, the 5310 IP Conference Unit connects to the Mitel 5224, 5330 and 5340 IP Phones, enabling the user to manage the conference through familiar telephony controls, and eliminates the requirement for an additional LAN port.


Mitel 5550 IP Console Click to view the brochure

Mitel® 5550 IP Console is an advanced PC-based console and administration application with a highly intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) that includes screen-based call status and call handling prompts, real-time Busy Lamp Field (BLF) status, plus telephony keypad and dual handset / headset jacks for fast, efficient attendant call handling on the Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platforms (ICPs).


Headsets for Mitel Phones  

GN Headsets for Mitel Phones

Through its Jabra brand, GN is a world leader in innovative headset solutions. Their productivity-boosting solutions feature excellent sound quality and clear reception, while ensuring secure conversations. With Jabra, you can expect the very best in sound, comfort, durability, selection, and service. A hands-free solution from GN will always be the very best choice for you and your customers.

Jabra® is a registered trademark of GN Netcom A/S.

Plantronics Headsets for Mitel Phones

Expand your IP telephone and console functionality with Headsets from Plantronics.

Plantronics, Inc. introduced the first lightweight communications headset in 1962 and is today the world's leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of lightweight communications headset products. Plantronics offers mobile headsets to address the cordless and mobile phone market, next-generation computer audio headset products for computer applications, and corded and cordless headsets and systems for the office, small office / home office and contact centers.


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