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Mitel 5000 Communications Platform

The Mitel 5000 is a family of communications server products built on an advanced hardware architecture that optimizes the latest VoIP technology, while leveraging Mitel's long history of feature development and 35 years of industry experience.

The 5000 server platform consists of two primary server platforms, each delivering pre-defined growth capacities, while offering the same support for software applications.  Up to 99 different locations can be transparently networked, and every server is equipped and licensed for networking right out of the box!  Built-in networking capacities can be easily expanded with a one-time license.  And, if you want to network to other systems over IP, this system requires no additional hardware or licensing.

Server Support

The CS-5200 communication server is designed for the small business, offering built-in support for up to 75 IP endpoints and four ports of built-in voice mail, as well as system networking over IP or T-1 for seamless connectivity within a multi-site environment.

The CS-5400 communication server is designed for the larger customer requiring up to 175 IP endpoints.  The CS-5400 is built on a CS-5200 through an upgraded processor expansion card that is installed in the dedicated processor bay.

The CS-5600 communication server is designed for the even larger customer requiring up to 250 IP endpoints.  If you need to expand the CS-5400 to a CS-5600 you just need to add the CS-5600 processing server and you will now have 250 IP endpoints.

Connectivity Highlights of the CS-5200, 5400 & 5600  include:

  • Support for Mitel and third-party software applications

  • Support for Mitel Model 8000 series IP and wireless phones

  • Support for Mitel Model 8000 series digital phones and industry standard analog phones

  • Built-in four port voice mail, supporting 20+ hours of storage

  • Two built-in analog trunk ports

  • Two built-in analog station ports

  • Optional two-line loop start module

  • Optional T1/E1/PRI module

  • Three module bays that allow for internal expansion and can be used in any combination of T1/E1/PRI or loop start modules

Digital and Analog Support

A "major" strength of the 5000 platform is its ability to easily and economically provide both digital and analog support when and where required, thus significantly expanding your system environment.  The DE-5200 digital expansion interface chassis provides three module bays that allow up to three 16-digital-port modules to be installed, thus providing connectivity for up to 48 digital endpoints.

Up to two DE-5200's can be added to any of the 5000 servers, enabling you to deploy up to 96 digital endpoints.  With additional Mitel hardware, digital ports can be converted to analog station ports.  The result is an IP-Centric, fully technology converged communications system that far exceeds other system capabilities on the market!

The Mitel 5000 -  a "Truly Revolutionary Product"


Critical Applications Supported

  • VoIP Connectivity
  • Transparent Networking
  • Integrated Voice Processing
  • Unified Messaging Solutions
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Unified Communications
  • Web Collaboration
  • Call Center Solutions
  • Auto Attendant
  • Windows-Based Administration
  • Computer Telephony (CT) Integration
  • CT Standards-TAPI, CSTA

Advanced Features

  • Remote Station Monitoring
  • Record-A-Call
  • Do-Not-Disturb
  • Menu Driven Soft Keys
  • Remote Station Programming
  • Re-direct Ringing Calls
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • Flexible Call Forwarding
  • Recover Deleted Voice Messages
  • Return Calls While in Voice Mail
  • Multi-Lingual Prompts
  • Reminder Messages


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