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Attendant Console

The Attendant Console is designed to allow your operator to manage the communications of your staff with ease, as well as allowing extremely high levels of call throughput.

The Main Features that facilitate this are:

  • Ability to "smart search" the system directory... the result is refined as you type.
  • Ability to see the status not just of extensions, but also groups. With both of these you also get visibility of who the user is talking to or their status e.g., Do Not Disturb.
  • Ability to see, for example, that "Jim is on lunch but will be back at 1:45". This allows incoming callers to be kept informed, providing a better service.
  • Shortcuts not just for extension and group dialling but also for ACD Groups, external numbers & system functions
  • Ability to change the status, messaging options and diverts of users.
  • Ability to "push" messages to busy extensions e.g., "The CFO is holding for you" can be sent to the display of a busy users extension. They can then opt to take the call or not.



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