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Time Change: Axxent, Axxess, and Eclipse

Changing the System Time and Date must be accomplished from an Attendant telephone.
  • While on hook, use the dial-pad to enter the "set time feature code":  9800
  • The display will show:  Date (current date)
  • Note:  If you do not need to change the date press # to skip to the time prompt.
  • Use the dial-pad keys to enter the month, day and year.

For example:  020301 for February 3, 2001 .

  • When finished, the display will show:  Time ( current time)
  • If you do not need to change the time enter # twice to exit.
  • Use the dial-pad keys to enter the time in hours and minutes.

For example:  0900 for 9:00 .

  • If the system has been programmed to show 12 hour format, the display shows select AM or PM
  • Enter 1 for AM, or 2 for PM
  • The system will now update the date and time as requested.
Note:  Please call or email our office if the system has been programmed for a language other than English.

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